четверг, 3 марта 2011 г.

My cheerleading team

Today was a great day of meetings and chatting and some beer, and yeah, i`m a little bit drunk and v. happy)
Want to tell about my pride - my cheerleading team and show some photos.

 It`s started three years ago, when me and my dear friend Inna decided to create a cheerleading team, just like in american movies. It was not so much about sport, it was more about life style, youth and love to dance. We have an idea, a gym space and five confederate girls. Step by step, we become what we are now - a cheerleading team of Handball club MZZ.
I like our routines and our trainings, it`s a great feeling of  overcoming your previous results and  pain, the understanding that you can reach more and more. I like to learn new dances and create some new moves. And I just love my girls, my seven angels, that make my life bright and funny.

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  1. Такие умнички!Очень интересно и вдохновляюще.