четверг, 17 марта 2011 г.

Sweet 50s

From all the epochs and times, amazing 50s is my favorite. I  can`t even pick out the main feature that I`m found of, cause there are so many of them. Seems that God was in perfect mood when calendar was counting 1950s. Maybe I`ve been charmed by my Granny`s stories about her youth, the dresses and shoes she had and about people who  were generous, enthusiastic and v. happy. Also, she gave me a households Bible called "Domovodstvo", edited in 1957. She learned to cook with the help of this book when married Grandpa (before marriage she couldn`t even fry eggs).

Maybe it`s about astonishing clothes women dressed and elegant hairstyle they did. I think it was the most feminine fashion of all times.

Which, by the way periodically returns to catwalks. Cat eye glasses becomes a fashion trend in 2011.
 And I always admire the House-holding style of those days, when husband took care of money and wife was trying her best to keep house perfect and be all tidy and pretty. Oh, those golden days of bourgeois America, days of rock-n-roll, big cars and family picnics....

 I have a very special 50s dress in my wardrobe, and sweet heels with little bows on the toes. So sometimes I can pretend I`m a 50s chick who is waiting for her sailor and wants to make her hair like Grace Kelly.)

 Retro can be so encouraging and animating, how do you think?

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  1. оох, потрясающие фото! 50е - замечательные!А вот очки от Прада ни за что ни надела бы)