воскресенье, 27 февраля 2011 г.


Since I was a very little girl, I knew my wedding wouldn`t be a standard traditional, my-mother-told-me-so event. I want our day to be a funny, romantic celebration of our family, that will be connected to what we are. So, there won`t be a buyout of the fiancee (stupid Ukrainian tradition), a pigeons in the sky, a limo and an exhausting photo session with freeze smiles.  All the ideas of celebration are still in my head and it`s time to start planning and making calls. Hopefully, I`ve got my adorable bridesmaids that are going to help me a lot. Actually, they will make a crazy girls-night-out party for me and I`m sooo exited about everything!

Here are some Empire dresses I like:

I`m a total fan of Greece style of the dress, also the Retro theme is so familiar to me:

Anyway, this day will be romantic and rock-n-roll. And what is you dreams about the W-Day?

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  1. the wedding shouldn't be long.
    Me in a beautiful perfect dress with a biker jacket on LOL
    He in a gorgeous black smocking and keds.
    After a short ceremony we have some glasses of champaigne and take our bright suitcases and backpacks and.... plane will take us to magic places where we were only dream to be.

    Something like this.

    Can't wait the girls night out too!!!!

  2. спасибо за комментарий у меня в блоге(http://juliatignian.blogspot.com/),с удовольствием буду читать-следить за подготовкой к свадьбе и всем,о чем думает невеста в этот волшебный период подготовки!

  3. третье платье милое такое,нежное ))

  4. Даш, оно мне тоже больше всего нравится. Если ничего похожего не найду, придется шить)