пятница, 25 февраля 2011 г.

The Beginning

So, I`ve finally decided to create a blog here, for couple of reasons.
First, mon cher Nastya is a famous blogger, so we are gonna meet more often). Second, it would be a place for my very very special pleasant thoughts and emotions, ones, that are sweet and personal. The last but not the least - I`ve got some project on my mind, hope to realize it soon.

My name is Eugine,  I`m a dreamer, a book-lover, a cheerleader, almost-an-ex-student and a fiancée.  Things, that are constantly in my head are:

*the wedding - in September 2001 (omg, omg!!!)

*need to find a job (that is sad one)

*achieve more in dancing (in my cheerleading team)

*how to create a cool design of our apartment (yeah, the repair is a hard time)

and, of course, every morning
* I have absolutely nothing to wear!

These would be the main things I`m going to write about. Enjoy!

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